Workplace App

Provide an Interactive
Workplace Experience

Improve people’s workday through simple booking of desks, meeting rooms, and even parking spaces. Provide people with clear overviews of the building and real-time maps.


Get the Best of Your Workplace Everyday

Limit Workplace Capacity

Limit Workplace Capacity

Using the Workplace App, the workplace manager can limit 50% of the workspaces to be available for booking.

Enjoy Workplace Experience

Enjoy Workplace Experience

Boost services by providing a digital map of your workplace.

Increase Workplace Productivity

Increase Workplace Productivity

Save people time navigating the building. Help them easily find their co-workers, equipment, or a suitable place to work using the app.


Personal Booking

Empower Employees
to Manage the Workplace

  • Book a meeting room, workspace, or a parking space via the mobile app.
  • Pick the right workspace based on your personal preferences (preferred floor, equipment, etc.).
  • Use the real-time map to find a pleasant place to work.
  • Edit the start and end times, including the date.
  • Use your personal calendar to see your schedule and booked spaces.


Digital Map

Start Using Digital Maps
and Work Smoother

  • Digitize your workplace and access useful information about points of interest.
  • See current data about occupancy, temperature, humidity, and CO2 in order to find a pleasant place to work.


Indoor Navigation

Improve Workplace Productivity Using Indoor Navigation

  • Find everything you need: co-workers or equipment, and navigate directly to points of interest.