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Spaceti’s system is made up of a set of modules that can be combined to tailor the solution to the client’s needs, saving owners and tenants building management costs while increasing productivity and people’s wellbeing.

Environmental Analytics

Design a Healthy and Comfortable Space. Make People Happy and Productive.

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Do You Face These Challenges?

Losses Due to Poor Employee Health

Employees can feel unwell because of unhealthy conditions in an indoor environment, leading to a rise in sick days and total costs lost to illness.

Low Productivity and Satisfaction

Poor conditions in a company reduce productivity, performance, and satisfaction, leading to sunk costs.

Energy Losses

Firms don’t have an overview of the current measured values in the building and thus use heating, cooling, and other services inefficiently.

The Answer:

Environmental Analytics



Create a community, collect information, and navigate easily around building.

Optimise the Indoor Environment

Collect data about temperature, CO2, and humidity that can be used to optimise the indoor environment to save energy costs and create a comfortable atmosphere.

Analyse the Environment According to Your Needs

See overviews of the entire building, individual sections, floors, or rooms and filter for time periods.

Control Space via the Mobile App

Easily set your favourite temperature and light levels with a single click.


Up to 10%

A productivity increase from a better environmental setup (air quality, humidity, and temperature).

Up to 4%

Utility cost savings from implementing the wellbeing sensor and integrating it with HVAC to prevent overheating or overcooling.

Up to 1%

Personnel cost savings from a reduction in sick leaves as a result of a better environment, preventing overcooling or overheating that makes people sick.

Technology of the Future

Meet the technology that helps you immediately improve wellbeing in an indoor environment. It can be easily integrated with a building’s existing systems.

Analytics Platform

Evaluate data about temperature, humidity, and CO2 and create regular reports according to user-defined time periods.

You can also use heatmaps.

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Mobile App

Select the temperature for the room where you are currently located or set it for when you will arrive in a few hours.

Use the app to set the lights in your space with a single click.

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Environmental Sensor

The Environmental sensors are a combination of sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2), indoor positioning components, and wireless communication modules.

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